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JRainWords is a small educational tool I have developed for my nephews.
JRainWords is a Java program useful in teaching children how to use a computer keyboard.
It works with Linux, Windows and with every other platform supported by the SUN Java 2 Virtual Machine 1.4.0. The words in the default list are English, but can be easily replaced (a file with Italian words is included).

If you find this tool useful, please let me know (and read the TODO.txt file: there are many things to do... :-)


Here you can look at JRW running:


NOTE: JRainWords 0.3 includes the FreeTTS speech synthesizer; if you want a version without speech synthesizer, download JRainWords version 0.2 (which is much smaller!).

Current stable version (the source code is included in the jar file):


Old stuffs: